He had difficulty remaining on task, was easily distracted by other students, disruptive at times, and it was a chore getting him to complete his homework. …Drugs were never an option for us…After months of going for Neurofeedback, we were very pleased to see all these inappropriate behaviors practically eliminated. His emotional outbursts are much more controlled. The peace and harmony we were seeking has been achieved through the hard work of our son and the expertise of Dr. Hansink.
— Sharon S.
I do not fully understand the neurofeedback “treatments” I am getting in your office. It looks so simple. It is all a mystery to me, but I like what it is doing for me. I like myself. I feel more positive and optimistic in general, and in particular I feel engaged.
I want to sincerely thank you for having brought about so many positive changes and having opened vistas into feelings and ideas I had forgotten in the last years, changes well beyond my expectations when I first set foot in your office. Thank you seems so small in relation to what the treatments have done, and are still doing for me.
— O.C.
I did not anticipate the added benefits of a higher energy level, easy and restful sleep, alertness, increased libido, regularity, enthusiasm and a joy for life. No more teeth grinding and 30 years of headaches are gone. Having suffered in darkness for 42 years, in just three months, I have finally been blessed with the gift of contentedness. I am free.
— T.S.

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